True Religion

True religion is not rules and it’s more than tradition / It’s not dutiful acts or words said in repetition / It’s not stained glass windows or buildings with steeples / It’s not defined by geography, age, race or gender of people

True religion is caring for the orphan and widow / It's opening your home, not just handing out a pillow / It's helping pick up the pieces of those falling apart / It's not just opening your wallet, it's opening up your heart / It boasts in being last and it knows who is first / It’s giving is actions, not just a track with a verse

True religion is found at the foot of the cross / Where Jesus, God’s Son, paid our great cost / Giving up His life for the debt of sin we couldn’t pay / Sacrificing all of Himself and in this showing us the way / Of what true religion looks like and what true religion does / Of how true religion sees others and how true religion loves

See true religion is not a philosophy, moral code or thesis / It’s a person, a Savior and His name is Jesus / And in Him we see that true religion gives all away / That it doesn’t hold back or ask to be repaid / That true religion doesn’t ask “what’s in it for me” / Because true religion is Jesus freely given … so true religion gives free!