Our Community Groups meet throughout the week in different locations all over the west suburbs.


What is Spiritual Community?

God hasn't changed His mind from when he first said, “It’s not good for the man to be alone” (Genesis 2:18). We were never created to function as isolated individuals. God’s plan all along was to have us be a part of something greater than ourselves.

When we yield to His desire and become a functioning part of a community, we find a new strength and a true purpose for our lives. Growing in love and appreciation for each other, we become bound together in close relationships. Add the presence of God, and the outcome is a spiritually empowered community. It’s like heaven on earth, because that’s what it is.

Where Do We Experience this Spiritual Community?

It may seem obvious, but it’s impossible to enjoy this type of intimate, relational community with large crowds of people—we believe this is meant for a smaller group of committed individuals. That’s where life can be shared in authentic ways. The larger the number, the less authentic and the less rewarding the experience will be.

In the relaxed atmosphere where friends meet together in their homes, a group can learn a lot from each other. They come to really know each other and support and encourage each other while walking through life together.

In pursuit of spiritual community, we meet together in Community Groups, held (most often, anyway) in one another’s homes. It’s here that we bring what God has given us or what He’s done for us or how He’s tested us and we share it with each other. As the relationships grow and the love increases, we grow more effective in changing each other to what God’s purpose is for us.

How do Community Groups work?

The Edge has many Community Groups, all generally 8–12 people strong. These communities are made up of a mixed collection of people and usually comprised of people who live near each other. Each person accepts a responsibility to give what they can to add to the other member’s lives. They also listen intently to the others so they will grow in their own life. Together, they create a group from the unique gifts and resources that they bring. Our groups are a gateway for life and strength to flow from our heavenly Father to us and those around us.