The City of Aurora is launching an Aurora Hurricane Harvey Relief Effort to collect items that will directly benefit the affected residents of the greater Houston area.

“We are devastated by the flooding in Texas, and the impact Hurricane Harvey has had on the region,” said Mayor Richard C. Irvin. “I am glad that Aurora can come together to stand with them & help relieve some of the burden that will be felt well into the future.”

In consultation with the Houston Mayor's Office, the City of Aurora will assist in collecting high-demand items that can be used beyond the initial clean-up and recovery phase (please do not drop other items as storage is limited).


Please feel free to bring the following items to the Edge where we will have a designated drop site and will bring the items to the city of Aurora for delivery to Houston.

  • Water - cases of bottled water or gallon jugs
  • Baby Products - baby wipes and diapers for all sizes
  • Feminine Hygiene Products - unopened packages of sanitary products
  • Socks - new socks of all sizes and for all ages

Trusted organizations

If you feel called to give financially, please consider one of these trusted organizstions:

Hurricane Relief Team

We are looking into taking a team down sometime in November and December. Details on this trip are underway, and if you are interested in getting more information as it’s available, please email