Mark Loerop

Mark is an Elder and Treasurer of the Edge Church. His heart and passion, simply put, is people. Mark loves spending time with others, serving, blessing and relating in ways that bring them closer to Jesus. His missional focus moves him to serve relentlessly and always be looking for ways to meet the needs of others. Out of this love, Mark additionally serves as the overseer of the Impressions Team for The Edge.

Mark’s passion for service has yielded him a variety of ministry experiences including worship leading, small group leading, and missions team leading in the Ukraine, Jamaica and Mexico.

Outside of The Edge, Mark is President of Hard Hat Services an environmental engineering company based in Naperville, Illinois and is an owner of Zoup!, a fast casual restaurant. Additionally, his wife owns and operates 1000 Words Photography, a company that specializes in wedding and portrait photography. 

Mark has had way too much school in his life, including a B.S. degree in Civil Engineering from Calvin College (1999); M.S. degree in Environmental Engineering from Michigan State University (2001); and an MBA degree from Northern Illinois University (2010).   

When not serving or working, Mark enjoys cooking and grilling, working on DIY projects, volleyball, fantasy football, and suffers from the "Chicago Cubs" syndrome. The person who makes all of it possible is his wonderfully loving (and stunningly gorgeous) wife Rachel, whom he married in 2006.