In East Africa, people with disabilities often face stigma and are seen in a negative light. The dominant attitude toward the disabled reflects a belief that they are: 

  • Demon possessed or cursed
  • Incapable of having faith
  • Without spiritual gifts or needs
  • Not important to society, forgettable 

Erin believes that the church is to be to the transforming agent of society. The aim of her ministry, Hope for All, is that people with disabilities would hear the Gospel, be discipled, and empowered to use their spiritual gifts. To do this, Erin works with local churches and organizations to reach and include people with disabilities.

Part of what she does includes teaching and encouraging in the Deaf Church. The Rwandan Deaf Church is led by Rwandan people who are deaf, who are the best at reaching their community!

Erin is predominately working in Rwanda, but has spent a bit of time in neighboring countries as well. She is very thankful for the opportunity to learn, serve and walk alongside different leaders and groups as she does this ministry!

What you can do

Our heart at The Edge is to support and empower men and women in the mission field—to help enable them to do all that God has called them to do. There are several ways you can specifically support Erin:

Pray for Erin

  • That people with disabilities would have the chance to hear the Gospel, be discipled and be able to use their gifts in the church

  • That churches would have God's heart and see people with disabilities as God sees them

  • That God would open doors beyond belief for the Rwandan Deaf Church which would allow people to hear the Gospel (at least one time in own language) and church growth/expansion which would allow all to be able to worship in an understood language

  • Financial provision and emotional stamina for Erin

Support Erin financially

  • Mail a check made out to "A Light to the Nations", including "Erin Powell" in the memo to: 1205 Sara Lane, Naperville, IL 60565